Food and Drink Wales Support Hotlines for Manufacturers

In response to the current challenges, Food and Drink Wales have established support hotlines for food and drink manufacturers. The hotlines bring together organisations from across Wales to provide easily accessible support.

The types of support and the contact details are below. Please don’t hesitate to contact these organisations if your business could benefit from their support.

 Support for….


 Contact details

 Business Planning and Finance

 BIC Innovation


 Alun Lewis: 07790 345509

 Linda Grant: 07757 134344

 People and Skills

 Food Skills Cymru/LANTRA

 Sarah Lewis: 07827 956765 -

 Mia Peace: 07990 014079 -

 Kathryn Mills: 07562 205172 -

 People and Skills

 The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink (Wales)

 James Hicks: 07852278533 - 



Food Innovation Wales

 Food technology and new product   development

 South Wales - ZERO2FIVEFood Industry Centre, Cardiff  Metropolitan University

 Rhiannon Richards: 07468 752237 – – (Technical Support)

 David Lloyd: 07770 825069 –

 Martin Sutherland:  07770 701660 –

 North Wales - Food Technology Centre, Grŵp Llandrillo  Menai

 Paul Roberts: 07810 647432 –

 Anne-Marie Flinn: 07519 363187 –

 Mid Wales - Food Centre Wales, Ceredigion County Council

 Arwyn Davies: 07970 304701 –

 Angela Sawyer: 07855 253296 –

 Production and automation

 Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

 Jason Murphy: 07940488689



 BIC Innovation


 Alun Lewis: 07790 345509

 Linda Grant: 07757 134344

 Start-up company support and business development including areas such as  branding, strategic planning, market  development and test trading

 Cywain - Menter a Busnes 

 Elen Llwyd Williams: 07843 023732 -

 Dewi Siôn Evans: 07964 354674 -

 Trade Development

 Food & Drink Wales Trade Programme 

 Neil Burchell: 07811 146633 -

 Bethan Jones: 07815 150376 -


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