What makes a good training course?

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Sent off on a training course only to find it irrelevant, boring and a waste of time.  What good do we actually take away from these experiences?

A successful, competitive and profitable business relies on knowledgeable, skilled and enthusiastic staff who can bring your product or establishment to life.  As business owners or managers it’s so important to carefully select training courses that add value to the company – they will pay you back the investment where poorly delivered training simply costs time and money.

So, the important question, how do you identify a GOOD course? Asking questions is a good place to start! Who is the trainer? What is their experience and have they kept up to date with new technologies and legislation? At Food Centre Wales we pride ourselves on having a selection of experienced and enthusiastic trainers who only deliver interesting and relevant courses.  We keep our fingers on industry’s pulse and pass on our knowledge in engaging and informative sessions designed to help our clients produce innovative, tasty, legal and safe products.

Feel free to speak to me about any training needs, or drop me a line if you’ve any questions. I’m here to help!